Do you know how to help your child pursue music in college?

Is your musically gifted child thinking about studying music in college? Do you know how to help them?

Most high school guidance counselors know very little about the field of music or what is involved in helping a student prepare for music studies in college.

School music teachers are, understandably, often too busy to answer all your questions.

That is why I have written this guide for parents, “How to Help Your Child Get Into a College Music Program.”

As a professional musician who has gone through the process myself; as a mom who helped my two children not only be accepted to multiple music programs but also receive multiple offers of enormous scholarships; as a music teacher who desires to see students succeed and reach their goals, I am offering this guide to you for FREE.

I want you to be confident to know what to look for in a private teacher, what questions to ask the high school music ensemble directors, what opportunities to look for, and how to figure out what kind of music school is best for your child.

After filling out the form, a message will appear with the link to the page to get the guide, and the password to enter the page.