Piano and Theory Lessons – for Adults!

Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano but fear it is too late?

The good news is that it’s not!

Heather Niemi Savage has been teaching piano to adults for many years and is now offering an ONLINE introductory piano lab for adult learners that will help you learn to play the piano at your own pace, in bite-sized steps.

No experience in piano or note reading is necessary!

What you get:

  • A gentle, patient, and encouraging instructor with extensive experience teaching adults
  • 12 consecutive weeks of instruction
  • 1-1/2hr long classes that include both piano technique and music theory
  • Learn several songs and how to read the notes
  • Be able to play with both hands, individually and together
  • Learn finger independence
  • Individualized supervised practice time during class so you can be confident you are learning the songs correctly
  • Access to recordings of the songs
  • Go at your own pace
  • High quality instructional material that is neither overwhelming nor babyish
  • Live instruction with the opportunity to ask questions
  • An online platform designed for music instruction
  • Small class size (maximum 6 students)
  • Video recordings of instructional portions of class you can refer back to
  • Email access to the instructor between classes

Heather was recommended by another music teacher.

Brian B.

Heather is knowledgeable and patient.

Michaela Lynne

Heather is an amazing teacher!

Tressa B.

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    Who is this program for?

    The 12-week introductory adult piano lab program is for adults who have never learned piano or may have taken a couple of years of piano as a child but forgot most or all of what they learned. It is designed for complete beginners. Someone who has sung in a chorus or played another instrument in a band but has never taken piano would also do well in this class because there are aspects of theory and piano technique that will be brand new.

    (Essential Music Lessons is developing a program for adults that do have prior piano experience and want to grow their skills, so stay tuned.)

    How much does it cost?

    You will get eighteen hours of music instruction for $525.00, less than half the cost of private music instruction.

    There are three ways to pay, according to what best fits your budget:

    • A one-time payment of $525.00
    • Two payments of $275.00 each
    • Three payments of $195.00 each

    Tuition does not include an instrument or books.

    Payment is accepted via Paypal or Venmo.

    What materials do I need?
    • A piano or keyboard at home that you can use during class and for independent practicing. If you do not currently have a piano, check out my post on choosing a piano here.
    • Access to a computer or phone with a camera to access the live online sessions.
    • The following books:

    The Joy of First Year Piano

    Music Theory Basic Rudiments

    (as an Amazon affiliate, I do receive a small commission at no cost to you if you order through these links.)

    How much do I need to practice?

    The class is designed so you have sufficient time to get help learning songs during class time. By the time class is over, you will be confident how the song (or songs) goes. You will not need to learn anything new during the week, unless you want extra challenge, so home “practice” is really about reinforcing what you already learned and keeping it fresh. Playing through the songs a couple of times a day is sufficient and may take 5-10 minutes – and it doesn’t have to be done all at once! “Practice” will be fun and not frustrating.

    Do I need to perform/play in front of anyone?

    NO! During class, everyone will be automatically muted in the online platform. During class discussion, there will be a chance to unmute to ask or answer questions. During the supervised practice time, each student will have a private online “breakout room” in which to meet one-on-one with the teacher.

    Opportunities to perform will be available to students who desire to play for others, but this is never required!

    Heather Niemi Savage has been teaching piano for over thirty years and has extensive experience teaching adults of all ages, even those who have taken up piano for the first time in retirement. Beyond teaching piano, Heather works as a collaborative pianist, primarily with community choral groups, and understands the value and joy that music brings to adult life. Whatever your reasons and goals are for picking up, or returning to piano, as an adult, she can help you reach your goals!

    Do you need more information or would you like to be notified when this class runs again? Please fill out this form to below so I can keep you informed!

    Please feel free to contact Heather with any questions about this program: essentialmusiclessons@gmail.com