Music Paper and Pencils

Yes, pencils (and erasers) matter! One must ALWAYS write in pencil on music. Pencil needs to show up against a background of notes and lines, and sometimes on non-white paper, like some staff paper. It needs to be thick and dark enough. The erasers must be of good quality, too, so they don’t tear the paper and so pencil marks can be completely erased when needed.

I know I’m a nerd when it comes to pencils and erasers, but when writing music or doing theory exercises, having the right equipment makes it so much easier.

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Nicpro Metal .9mm Mechanical Pencils – this set comes with 2 pencils and 2 of the white erasers that I recommend, with graphite refills. Keep one on the piano, and one in your music bag.

I prefer mechanical pencils, but if you like traditional pencils, these are the best:

Palomino Blackwing 602

Hi-polymer erasers are a must:

Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers

So, what music paper should you use?

Wide Staff Music Paper – this book is great for kids because the lines are more widely spaced

Wire-bound Notebook of Staff Paper– good for making sure you don’t lose any notes or ideas

Pad of Staff Paper – if you need looseleaf paper. Hole-punched.

Huge Pad of Staff Paper – 512 pages! Would make a great gift for a composer!

Staff paper with Landscape Orientation – pad of individual sheets

26-Stave Paper for Composing for Large Ensemble – pad of individual sheets