Private Lessons

Available in piano, clarinet, and saxophone.

Private lessons are available for both children and adults in 1/2hr and 1hr blocks (dependent upon level.) Beginners are started in a method book; the book used is determined by the age of the student and other factors. Intermediate students move out of method books and work on repertoire oriented around student interests and goals. Classical, jazz, and popular music, or a mix, are all options. All private students are invited and encouraged to participate in monthly Works-in-Progress (WiP) Shares and year-end recitals. Opportunities for participation in adjudication festivals and competitions are also available.

About WiP Shares

Monthly Works-in-Progress Shares are designed to give an opportunity for students to present pieces they are currently working to their peers in a non-competitive, encouraging environment that supports collaborative learning. By listening to others present their work, students gain insight into different techniques and ways of approaching a piece of music. Students learn to listen intently and give comments on what they hear (only positive comments allowed!) By presenting, students practice performing, which aids in developing confidence. Students also gain public speaking skills as they talk about the piece they are presenting. The focus on “Works-in-Progress” rather than a completely finished piece, like one presented at a recital, allows students to become comfortable with not being “perfect.”

Year-End Recitals

Participation in year-end recitals is optional, but highly encouraged. It’s time to celebrate! Students have the opportunity to present a piece that demonstrates the skills they have gained through the year. At least one in-person and one online-streamed recital will be held (any additional ones will depend on the number of students that sign up.) Awards will also be presented at the recitals.

Adjudication Festivals and Competitions

Students at an intermediate level or above may choose to participate in adjudication festivals and competitions through the Rhode Island Music Education Association or the Music Teachers National Association. (Online students may participate in their state’s festivals if their local school music teacher can sponsor them.) Students who choose to participate in these festivals will be guided in choosing appropriate pieces from specific lists.

Online Lessons

Online lessons are hosted on, an online platform designed specifically for music lessons. Students have a private portal where they sign in. This is also where students can keep a record of their practicing, view and turn in assignments, and re-watch lessons. Students need a webcam situated so that I can see them, and the complete keyboard, from the side. Students under 8 must have a parent supervise their online lesson.