Preschool Music Classes

Preschool music classes are designed for the young child, 6mos to Kindergraten, and awaken a child’s natural inclination towards music. Young students are introduced to musical concepts such as dynamics, rhythm, tempo, pitch and melod through play, musical games and activities. In addition, young students have an opportunity to practice social skills like listening, sharing, taking turns, respecting personal space, and moving as a group.

Studying music has been shown to improve literacy and reading readiness. Songs, poetry, chant, and ryhmes help children become familiar with the cadence of language. Physical activities that cross the body’s mid-line, like clapping and playing percussion instruments, are important for reading and writing.

Baby & Me: 6mos to 2yrs, for parent/caretaker and child

Preschool 1: Ages 3-4

Preschool 2: Ages 4-5

Kindergarten: Ages 5-6

All classes are 45 minutes, weekly. Maximum 12 students per class.