I treasure comments and notes like these forever!

Heather’s theory classes prepared me for improvisation, composition, and arranging in college classes, jam sessions, and as a leader of musical groups. She provides easy pneumonic devices and charts to make music theory fun and accessible for everyone. Heather is a patient instructor who bridges the gaps in your understanding when you ask questions. Out of all the theory lessons I have taken, Heather’s were the best explained, most helpful, and easiest to remember and apply in practical situations.

Michaela Lynn, music theory student

“You are a five-star piano teacher!”

Liam B., piano student

Our four children all took three levels of music theory and composition lessons from Heather. Her extensive knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. Most of all, they absolutely love her! Their musicality has tremendously increased, and we’re so thankful! We highly recommend her!

Bill Reynolds, parent

Heather is a wonderful piano teacher! She has taught our two boys since each was age 7 and helped them both development strong skills in reading and playing music. She is patient and teaches to each of their learning styles – and makes it fun and interesting

Elizabeth Bioteau, parent

Classes involved clear, precise teachings of relevant music theory material. Teacher adapted easily to students’ level regardless of their experience level.

Ryan Sowa, music theory student

“Your theory class made college music theory easy!”

Tyler B., music theory student

Mrs. Savage is a wonderful lady and she has greatly improved (or shall I say, “built”) my music theory knowledge. She explains things really well, and if I was pursuing a musical degree and had the time, I would go back to her any day.

Phillip Gedeon, music theory student